Fannect is a sports app that determines which teams have the best sports fans, and where you rank as a fan of your team.

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What is Fannect?

Fannect is a sports app that determines who is the #1 fan of your team and which team has the best fans overall. Fannect’s purpose is to answer one of the oldest questions in sports: Who has the best fans? Fannect is a one of a kind platform on which fans can actively participate in a competitive sporting social network by playing games that measure a fan’s passion, dedication and knowledge of your team. But, most importantly, determine who, in fact, has the best fans in all of sports.

We understand Fans enthusiasm and want to allow fans to fight for their team on a leader board, the Fannect LeaderBoard. You play just as big of a role in games as the player’s do, why not give credit to you too? Every fan has been to that one ridiculously loud game that caused the other team to burn a timeout, which led to the good guys winning. You left feeling like you, the fan, contributed to the win, right?

Well, now there’s an app for that. Connect with fellow fans, score points doing things fans already do and climb the first leader board for fans – the one that measures who has the best fans.

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